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Mapping Groundwater Resilience to Climate Change and Human Development in Asian Cities
Mapping Groundwater Resilience to Climate Change and Human Development in Asian Cities


July 2021
This study evaluates the ability of 21 Regional Climate Models (RCMs) from the Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX) in simulating climate extremes in the fast growing Asian cities which are highly vulnerable to climate change. The three Asian cities have two different climate [...]
June 2021
Groundwater contributes to the socioeconomic development of the Thai capital Bangkok and its vicinity. However, groundwater resources are under immense pressure due to population growth, rapid urbanisation, overexploitation, and climate change. Therefore, evaluating the combined impact of climate change and land-use change on groundwater [...]
January 2007
The objective of this paper is to identify the source and transport of nitrate in the groundwater aquifers of alluvial fans by stable isotopic techniques. Water samples collected from the precipitation, groundwater, and river water at the western Kofu basin were analyzed for the [...]
October 2009
This study was carried out to assess the overall water quality and identify major variables affecting the deep groundwater quality in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Forty-two deep wells were sampled during pre-monsoon and monsoon seasons in 2007 and analyzed for the major physicochemical variables. The [...]
April 2011
This paper develops a structured framework that considers an index of means for achieving sustainability, the ‘groundwater sustainability infrastructure index (GSII)’, as a measure of groundwater sustainability. The infrastructure here refers to the existing knowledge, practices, and institutions whose adequate strengthening helps achieve groundwater [...]
March 2013
For effective planning of activities aimed at recovering aquifer depletion and maintaining the health of groundwater ecosystem, estimates of spatial distribution in groundwater storage volume would be useful. The estimated volume, if analyzed together with other hydrogeologic characteristics, may help delineate potential areas for [...]